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Awarded Contracts
ContractAward DateContractorContract
Amount, $
Engineering Planning Services for Berryessa Creek 02/14/2001 WINZLER & KELLY 2,822,416.00
Permanente Creek Planning Study 09/16/2003 ICF Jones & Stokes, Inc. 1,407,172.00
Permanente Creek CSC, SF Bay to Foothill Clean Safe Creeks, Planning / Design Consultant 02/23/2010 Hatch Mott MacDonald 6,890,158.00
Upper Llagas Creek Flood Protection Project - Design Services 06/02/2010 Woodard & Curran (RMC Water and Environ) 15,900,128.00
Anderson Dam Seismic Retrofit Project - Project Management 02/09/2012 BLACK & VEATCH 16,558,637.00
Anderson Dam Seismic Retrofit Project - Planning and Environmental Consultant Services 03/15/2012 HDR 5,557,091.00
Sunnyvale East Channel and Sunnyvale West Channel Flood Protection Project Environmental Services 05/01/2012 Horizon Water and Environment, LLC 707,470.00
RWTP Residuals Management Project 05/24/2012 CDM Smith Inc. 2,787,780.00
Financial Advisory Services for the Santa Clara Valley Water District 09/20/2012 Public Resources Advisory Group 5,666,000.00
Independent Advisory Panel (IAP) on Evaluating Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR) for Santa Clara Valley Water District 09/20/2012 National Water Research Institute 260,000.00
Bridge Design - San Francisquito Creek, Pope/Chaucer Street 11/29/2012 NV5, Inc 750,610.00
IRP2 Water Treatment Plant Operations Buildings Seismic Retrofit Project 01/04/2013 HDR Engineering Inc. 2,890,365.00
Rinconada Water Treatment Plant Reliability Improvement Project 03/28/2013 CDM Smith Inc. 29,285,877.00
Audiovisual (AV) Consulting Services for Large Public Boardroom 05/01/2013 RGD Acoustics, Inc. 172,240.00
Almaden Dam Improvement Project - Planning and Environmental Consultant 05/29/2013 URS Corporation 9,419,000.00
Financial Audit Services FY13, FY14 & FY15 06/11/2013 Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., LLP 450,783.00
Penitencia Delivery Main and Penitencia Force Main Seismic Retrofit Project 07/23/2013 CAROLLO ENGINEERS 4,478,120.00
Calero and Guadalupe Dams Seismic Retrofits Project - Planning Consultant Services 09/19/2013 GEI Consultants 6,219,841.00
Anderson Dam Seismic Retrofit Project - Design Services 09/19/2013 URS Corporation 23,387,219.00
Succession Development Initiative - Phase II 12/16/2013 Frank Benest 101,750.00
On-Call Geotechnical Engineering Services, Multi-Award #1 02/27/2014 Kleinfelder Central, Inc. 1,000,000.00
On-Call Geotechnical Engineering Services, Multi-Award #2 03/18/2014 Parikh Consultants, Inc. 1,000,000.00
On-Call Geotechnical Engineering Services, Multi-Award #3 03/25/2014 CE&G Cal Engineering & Geology 1,000,000.00
Three Creeks Habitat Conservation Plan Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) 04/02/2014 HDR 2,171,171.00
Deferred Compensation Plan Review and Investment Policy Recommendation 06/24/2014 Innovest Portfolio Solutions, LLC 221,500.00
Upper Berryessa Creek Flood Protection Project, Calaveras Boulevard to Montague Expressway 07/02/2014 TETRA TECH 3,292,000.00
Groundwater Charge Zone Study 08/14/2014 HydroMetrics Water Resources Inc 563,547.00
Chesbro, Coyote, and Uvas Dams Safety Evaluations (DSE1) Project 10/01/2014 URS Corporation 8,600,359.00
Rinconada Water Treatment Plant (RWTP) Reliability Improvement Project - Construction Management Services 02/05/2015 HDR Engineering Inc. 33,366,676.00
Lower Penitencia Creek Improvements Project CEQA and Related Environmental Services 04/02/2015 Horizon Water and Environment, LLC 668,488.00
Almaden Lake Project Environmental Consultant Services 05/29/2015 Environmental Science Associates (ESA) 763,179.00
As needed On-call Electrical and Control Systems Engineering Services Contract 06/12/2015 Westin Engineering, Inc. 2,500,000.00
Watersheds Capital Construction Management Project (Project) - Consultant Services 06/12/2015 GHIRARDELLI ASSOCIATES 4,436,883.00
On Call Biological Services - 2015 07/16/2015 H.T. Harvey & Associates 2,000,000.00
Coyote Warehouse Project 07/22/2015 Siegfried 792,600.00
On-Call Environmental Site Assessment and Remedial Design Engineering Services 08/03/2015 NORTHGATE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 500,000.00
Potable Reuse Grant Funding Program 08/03/2015 CAROLLO ENGINEERS 435,213.00
State Lobbying Services:  2015 09/08/2015 Governmental Advocates 334,000.00
Expedited Purified Water Program Project Management Services 10/02/2015 HDR 8,077,765.00
Calero Dam Seismic Retrofit Project Design Consultant Services 10/19/2015 HDR 9,385,209.00
2015 - Insurance Broker Services 12/24/2015 Arthur J Gallagher 267,500.00
Construction Management Services for San Francisquito Creek, Bay to Hwy 101 Project 01/04/2016 Hatch Mott MacDonald 2,564,560.00
Permanente Creek Flood Protection Project - McKelvey Park 02/02/2016 Harris & Associates 3,303,021.00
Permanente Creek Project - Rancho San Antonio CM Contract 02/02/2016 Harris & Associates 2,153,362.00
On-Call Real Estate Consultant Services 2014 02/29/2016 Associated Right of Way Services, Inc. 3,000,000.00
Design-Build Advisory Services Project 03/14/2016 Yarne & Associates, Inc 215,000.00
Guadalupe Dam Seismic Retrofit Project Design Consulting Services 04/05/2016 GEI Consultants 5,901,218.00
Expedited Purified Water Program Development Project - Preliminary Engineering Services 04/05/2016 Woodard & Curran (RMC Water and Environ) 4,351,100.00
Study of Santa Clara County Steelhead Streams to Identify Priority Locations for Gravel Augmentation and Large  - Woody Debris Placement Project 04/25/2016 BALANCE HYDROLOGICS, INC. 298,616.00
2015 On-call Labor Compliance Consulting Services 04/29/2016 WSP USA, Inc. 224,000.00
On-Call Structural Enginering Consultant Services - Multi Award #2 05/24/2016 BIGGS CARDOSA ASSOCIATES INC 1,000,000.00
On-Call Structural Engineering Consultant Services 06/02/2016 Mark Thomas & Company, Inc. 1,000,000.00
Lower Penitencia Creek Improvements Project Design Services 06/09/2016 Wood Rodgers, Inc. 2,118,754.00
Washington D.C. Representation Services Administrative Agencies and Executive Branch Focus 06/27/2016 Carpi & Clay 327,600.00
Employee Work Space Project 08/31/2016 MKThink 576,397.00
On Call Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Ethics Investigation Services  #1  (See, # 4748; #4749) 09/12/2016 Van Dermyden Maddux Law Corporation 150,000.00
On Call Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Ethics Investigation Services #3  (See, # 4734) 09/15/2016 Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakai LLP 150,000.00
Budget, Financial Forecasting, and Capital Planning 09/19/2016 Vena Solutions Ltd. 558,304.00
On Call Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Ethics Investigation Services #2 (See, # 4734) 10/04/2016 Ellis Buehler Makus LLP 150,000.00
2016 On Call Corrosion Consulting Services 10/31/2016 JDH CORROSION CONSULTANTS 800,000.00
RO Concentrate Management Plan- Consultant Services 11/17/2016 GHD Inc. 2,308,525.00
2016 RFP for Credit Facility 01/20/2017 Wells Fargo Bank 100,000.00
Performance Audit of Lower Silver Creek Flood Protection Project Consultant Agreement (A3277G) with RMC Water and Environment 01/25/2017 PMA Consultants LLC 292,887.00
Pacheco Reservoir Proposition 1 Application Study 03/16/2017 Stantec (formely known as MWH Americas) 1,272,751.00
On-Call Services Executive Recruitment 04/12/2017 Bob Murray & Associates 200,000.00
Board Audit Consultant Services 05/31/2017 TAP International, Inc. 405,000.00
San Francisquito/Adobe Watersheds Flood Study 06/13/2017 Wood Rodgers, Inc. 628,213.00
SCW D5 - West Valley Watershed Stream Condition Assessment 06/22/2017 SAN FRANCISCO ESTUARY INSTITUTE 222,000.00
Construction Management Consultant Services for the Main Madrone Pipeline Restoration Project 07/12/2017 The Hanna Group 1,254,231.00
Construction Management for Watersheds Asset Rehabilitation Program 07/18/2017 GHIRARDELLI ASSOCIATES 1,226,227.00
Stream Maintenance Guidelines Project 07/27/2017 Environmental Science Associates (ESA) 1,450,000.00
On-Call Engineering and Analysis Services for Large Diameter Pipelines 08/03/2017 Pure Technologies U.S. Inc. 2,000,000.00
On-Call Pipeline Engineering Analysis and Rehabilitation Services 08/03/2017 Kennedy/Jenks Consultants 5,000,000.00
Winfield and VTA Almaden Station Site Development Options Study Project 08/24/2017 BAE Urban Economics Inc. 129,889.00
Pacheco Creek Habitat Suitability Modeling Agreement 10/16/2017 Micko Consulting 205,000.00
Letter of Credit for Commercial Paper Certificates 12/05/2017 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. 1,481,370.00
Piedmont Creek Asset Management Plan Consulting Services 12/21/2017 Hazen and Sawyer 174,359.00
Countywide Water Reuse Master Plan 02/06/2018 Brown and Caldwell - San Jose 1,981,000.00
ERP Procurement Support Services 02/07/2018 SDI PRESENCE LLC. 85,000.00
Forensic Investigation and Emergency Repair of Distressed PCCP in Almaden Valley Pipeline 03/12/2018 Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. 389,200.00
Stevens Creek Fish Passage Analysis 04/03/2018 AECOM Technical Services, Inc 621,848.00
Coordinated Monitoring Program for Guadalupe River Watershed Mercury Total Maximum Daily Load 04/09/2018 Tetra Tech, Inc. 350,000.00
Washington D.C. Representation Services, Elected Officials and Congressional Committees Focus 04/23/2018 Kadesh & Associates, LLC 338,400.00
Moffett Fish Ladder Design 05/07/2018 AECOM Technical Services, Inc 166,291.00
Expedited Purified Water Program - Environmental and Permitting Support Services 05/15/2018 Environmental Science Associates (ESA) 1,786,624.00
State Lobbying Services 2018 05/15/2018 Governmental Advocates 118,300.00
Rinconada Water Treatment Plant (RWTP) Residuals Remediation Project 05/24/2018 MWH Now Part of Stantec 3,296,795.00
High School Student Internship Staffing Resources Program 06/01/2018 Genesys Works 224,000.00
Fixed Charge and Zone of Benefit Analysis and Implementation Plan Project 06/01/2018 Raftelis Financial Consultants 224,858.00
Water Year 2018 and 2019 Guadalupe River Mitigation Monitoring 07/03/2018 Stillwater Sciences 738,648.00
At-Will Recruitment Services 07/18/2018 WBCP, Inc. 80,000.00
On-Call Environmental Site Assessment, Remedial Design, and Storm Water Management and Engineering Services 07/27/2018 NORTHGATE ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 500,000.00
District Wide Security System Assessment Project 08/02/2018 Guidepost Solutions LLC 129,331.00
Native American Consulting Services For Permanente Creek Flood Protection Project- 08/10/2018 Andrew Galvan DBA The Ohlone Indian Trib 148,500.00
On-Call Mechanical Engineering Consultant Agreement 09/06/2018 Infrastructure Engineering Corporation 225,000.00
IT Strategic Plan Phase 2 - Technical Strategy Project 10/17/2018 Excergy Corporation 123,509.00
Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project - Site Reconnaissance and Work Plan for Lawler Property 10/31/2018 AECOM Technical Services, Inc 98,600.00
Rinconada Reliability Improvement Project Integration and Support Services 11/06/2018 MNS Engineers 797,297.00
Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project - Program Management 12/26/2018 Mott MacDonald 25,420,000.00
On-Call Land Surveying and Mapping Services (REPOST) 01/11/2019 R.E.Y. Engineers, Inc. 1,500,000.00
On-Call Advisory Services 02/20/2019 Balance Public Relations, Inc. 52,500.00

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